1.Definition of personal information

Personal information here includes name, birth date or any numbers that can be used to identify a person (any information that in itself does not pinpoint the person but helps identify the person when used with another data).

2. Adherence to ordinances and guidelines

When handling the personal information, we adhere to the effective ordinances or guidelines for personal information protection

3. Collection and usage of personal information

We collect the personal information of individual customers with their consent, under conditions that we specify the purposes for the collection and use the information reasonably necessary for the purposes.
Information we collect will be used appropriately, to serve the purposes mentioned below;

3-2. Purposes to use personal information

1. To implement a contract
2. To discuss business or to hold a meeting with the individual customer
3. To carry out customer service such as customer support or maintenance
4. To operate sales activities such as informing the individual customer of different services
5. To respond to inquiries and consultations

4. Disclosure, correction and deletion

Personal information collected will not be disclosed or provided to third parties, except when we have the individual’s permission

5. Safety management

Personal information collected will be accumulated and stored under proper management. Unauthorized access, loss, deletion, alteration and leaks of information will be prevented and corrected technologically and on a systematic basis.
When outsourcing the operation of personal information, leaks and forwarding of the information will be prohibited under the contract, and the commissioned will be strictly managed and supervised